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Douglas Fir Trail

"Does this trail really have flowers? I love flowers" - Skye

Sorry Skye, no flowers yet it's still too early, even though it seems like early summer right now.

Douglas Fir Trail: Calgary, Alberta

Size/Distance: Small / 2.5 KM (one way)

Dog Friendly: On leash

Terrain: Moderate/Intermediate - Steep - Uneven dirt and gravel path.

Unique Features: Forest Feel - Nice views of the city.

We quickly went to the Douglas Fir Trail yesterday, this trail is very unique, it feels like we left the city and started hiking up a mountain in Kananaskis Country. Nice nature walk with babbling brooks (trickling right now) and a thick forest. It is a good little trail run, if you are training for a mountain race or hike. It is mostly a steep climb, but has some level areas. We will have to come back when the flowers start to bloom and we have more time to fully enjoy it.


It is located in the east part of Edworthy Park on the southern banks of the Bow river. To get to the trail head you can walk from either the South parking lot to the right(east) along the paved pathway. Or from across the river from north Edworthy you would need to go through the whole park , across the train tracks and then on the paved path left (east). The trail head is on your right just before where the pathway is marked as closed. It is easy to see, you cant miss it.

Educational Moment: "You can have a unique nature experience of Calgary by walking among these Douglas-firs. Combined with those in adjacent Bowness Park, this is one of the most easterly stands of this species in Canada. Douglas-firs are usually found in the Rocky Mountains and on the coast." Fun Fact: "The tipsy condition of the trees has led to an alternative name, the "the drunken forest"." - City of Calgary website *.

Skye's Thoughts

Fun! bridges!

Critters are moving around in the brush = awesome

Downed trees and tree roots are excellent for sniffing and peeing on. I like charging up the path, twists and turns are exciting, what's next? OOO rocks! Moms too slow... HURRY UP HUMAN!


- No bikes allowed, but they provide a bike lock area for you.

- Pick up poop, as always

- Dogs on leash

- Don't drink the water (humans or dogs)

* The City of Calgary (2016) Douglas Fir Trail. Retrieved from:

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