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Weaselhead Flats, Natural Environment Park

"No dogs? danger explode? I don't want explode! "-Skye.

Regional Pathway Weaselhead Flats: Calgary, Alberta

Size/Distance: Small - but the path continues all around the Glenmore resivoire.

Dog Friendly: On leash only - no leaving the path

Terrain: Easy. Paved pathway. Watch out for fast moving Cyclists.

Unique Features: leave the pathway and you could EXPLODE!

We went to the Weaselhead Flats today. Dogs are not allowed in the park only on the paved regional pathway. It wasn't a great area for dog walking, not all that dog user-friendly. It's perfect for humans hiking, cyclists and runners. But only the one path for us and lots of fast moving bikes on it zooming by to be aware of. Still, some nice on leash fun was had. There are a lot of "NO's" at this park and for good reason. No swimming in the drinking water, no running in the mine fields, no playing with or feeding the bears, no leashes longer than 2 meters, no horses on the pathway. All these no's do make this area not ideal for optimal doggie enjoyment. It is a beautiful park and natural area, but more suited for humans.


It is located in the south part of town at the west side of South and North Glenmore Park. To get to the trail head go to 66 Ave. and 37 St. S.W. The parking lot did have a port-a-potty but i didn't see any full bathrooms. There is also a little off leash area before you enter the park. If you want to use that, but it was right next to a road and not fenced so keep that in mind. We saw tons of wildlife this morning. Skye's favourites were the chipmunks, and the new and exciting snake things. After his first ever snake encounter it took us twice as long to get back, because we had to investigate all rustling on the side of the pathway.

Educational Moment:

Interesting park, it used to be a military training area from 1908 to 1998 and in 2013 the flood uncovered undetonated explosives. It is ok to walk through now, but there are still a lot of signs that warn your about the dangers. I would be staying on the beaten paths here if you want to be safe.

" The origin of the name is uncertain but it is likely named after the Tsuu T'ina Chief Weaselhead who was in power at the time of European contact."- City of Calgary website *.

Skye's Thoughts


I saw a Chipmunk! it ran away quickly but stared at me a bit. The moving snake critters are so weird, I want to find more.

This paved path is a little boring, during this long stretch.


- No dogs allowed off the Regional Pathway

- Pick up poop, as always

- Dogs on leash

- Don't drink the water (humans or dogs)

- No swimming in the water (dogs or humans) it is our drinking water

- No Horses on the pathway

- No bikes off the pathway

- Do not touch the explosive devices

- Don't feed the bears

* The City of Calgary (2016) Weaselhead Flats. Retrieved from:

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